Working with us

We work with your teams through a series of engagements.  Our style of working is to remain agenda-less to organically reveal divergent perspectives, and drive convergence through dialog and whiteboard sessions.  We work with your subject matter experts to build living conceptual models using your data.  These models form the core of a realisable architecture that we design for your product.

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Convergence workshop

We conduct a 1 to 3 day executive leadership workshop to converge on the business strategy, product aspirations, and the core problems that need to be solved.  We emerge with high level priorities that define an aspirational view of what success would look like.

Typical attendees of the workshop include the CEO, COO and CIO, supported by the operational and product management team.


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Over a period of 1 to 2 weeks we engage with the broader organisation including, but not limited to, the technical team, customer facing personnel and operations team to build a conceptual model of the product.

The output is a living model that defines the core capabilities that conceptualise the digital solution. Core components are defined with a view of the responsibilities of each component and how they interact with each other to realise the business objectives.

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Here we take 4 to 6 weeks to bring the conceptual model to life. We build a software architecture that implements the conceptual model. We call this the strawman architecture because it embodies the main trade-off decisions. It proves the viability of the architecture in your technical landscape.

Alongside the strawman, we produce a release plan that shows estimated delivery timelines from the Minimum Viable Product (first release) to the realisation of the full product.