We are a collective of diverse professionals that interrogate the toughest problems to find the simplest possible answers.


Nyari Samushonga

Nyari has her roots in more than a decade of financial services consulting and public accounting. That history feeds into another 5 years, and counting, of strategic digital consulting.  With a strong discipline and rigour, she precisely articulates a problem that draws a strong convergence from an executive leadership team. Her analysis of the key tradeoff levers in the articulation and execution of a digital strategy creates the foundation for building pragmatic solutions to enterprise problems.

At the heart of it all, Nyari cracks open problems, reveals the tensions, and positions the simplest possible digital play to success.

Chris baker

Chris has been a software developer and platform thinker for more than a decade.  Presented with a problem, his quest is to find the "currency" that will yield a solution that is self-sustainable.  Given a conceptual model, he rapidly works through a series of technical experiments that will quickly refute or prove the model.  With the answers embedded in data, his experience as a software architect equips him to design pragmatic software solutions that can be industrialised iteratively.  

In essence, Chris builds what he draws, making pragmatic software design decisions and choosing the most appropriate technology to bring the answers to life.

Aslam Khan

Aslam has over two decades of software design and architecture behind him, leveraging his background in Electronic Engineering.  He is a regular speaker at local and international conferences on software development and agile methodologies, and author of Grokking Functional Programming.  Aslam reaches for the primitive and fundamental concepts in the problem space to explain the complexity in the most basic terms.

Mostly, Aslam finds patterns in problem that can then be solved at the right level of abstraction, sharing these insights in simple terms to bring shared understanding.