Our Approach

We work in a deliberate way that starts with shaping a loosely formed idea or aspiration to producing a viable solution that is in the hands of your customers.  To achieve this, we work sequentially in three distinct frames.

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One of the critical paths to solving problems is the precise articulation of the problem.  Along with this, is the necessity of gaining shared understanding of the problem. We call this convergence.  We start with different perspectives of an ambiguous need and end with a precise shared understanding.

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Given the precise articulation of the problem, the answers are understood in a conceptual model.  We believe that the answers should be a living model - it is built from actual data, that can be interrogated and manipulated in real-time to confirm the integrity and consistency of the solution. 

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The conceptual model needs to be delivered as a usable product that fits into the rest of its digital ecosystem.  We hold that the decisions that address the pragmatic compromises of the architecture are the most important to realise the full solution.  The tradeoffs of the pragmatic compromises must be governed by the consistency in the conceptual model.